The Comité Médicis works on four major projects, entrusted to working groups.

The first three relate to the words referred to in the acronym ESG (Environment, Social, Governance). The fourth deals with accountability, in particular for economic and financial players.

For each project, the ambition is twofold: to analyse the changes under way and issue concrete recommendations that may guide the practices of economic and financial players.

capitalisme responsable


Working group led by Robert Leblanc

Now that French law has introduced the notion of “purpose”, or “raison d’être”, the aim of this working group’s reflections is to define how responsible shareholders can contribute to improving corporate governance.   Read

emission carbone


Working group led by Yves Barou and Jean Jouzel

The Comité Médicis has chosen to address environmental issues in line with Jean Jouzel’s reflections on the social justice issues involved in global warming. How can economic and financial players contribute to a socially just energy transition? Read

responsabilité sociale des entreprises


Could the notion of responsibility lead to characterising a model of capitalism that is specifically European and particularly concerned with collective well-being? How can responsible capitalism address the “social question” that is making a comeback in developed societies? This is the issue that the Comité Médicis has undertaken to explore in partnership with the Institut Montaigne. Read

construire une économie responsable


Programme led by Horatia Muir Watt

The call for responsibility on the part of economic and financial players, which is becoming more urgent every day, is part of a more general social transformation. This claim deserves to be examined not only per se, but also in terms of its possible consequences for the very notion of responsibility, as well as its implications for public and private players and their translation into legal and judicial systems.  Read