Meeting between Jean Jouzel, climatologist, glaciologist and vice-president of the scientific group of the IPCC, and Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total, on 9 July 2019, moderated by François Lenglet, editorialist on French TV channels TF1 and LCI and radio station RTL.

No one any longer disputes the reality of global warming, the fact that it is due to excessive greenhouse gas emissions, and the need to take measures to reduce emissions and to adapt. But while we can agree in principle on the measures to be taken, in practice things become more complicated, more obscure, especially in terms of their economic and social consequences, affecting populations in widely varying geographies.

Governments are struggling to find the right way to balance ecological demands, which are most often a matter of urgency, with economic and social aspirations, which require time to be transformed. Worse still, running counter to the ultimate objective of ensuring the well-being of populations, the measures that can be taken to combat global warming generate crises and downward mobility.

One of the major questions facing our societies at the beginning of the 21st century is how to govern the ecological requirement in such a way that it is socially acceptable. In other words, can we define and outline the ways and means of achieving a fair transition?

The Comité Médicis is organising a debate between Jean Jouzel and Patrick Pouyanné on these issues, on 9 July 2019 at 6 pm.

The event is open to the public upon registration, subject to availability.

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