Meeting between Pierre-André de Chalendar, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Saint-Gobain, and François Lenglet, editorialist at TF1, LCI and RTL, on 18 December 2019, moderated by François Ewald
François LENGLET et

Moderated by François Ewald

The dynamics of globalisation have long conveyed the image of a “global” company, setting up in a wide diversity of countries as investment opportunities arise so as to better serve the interests, not of a nation, but of shareholders who are themselves multinational.

That said, could the current resurgence of protectionist and mercantilist rationales, particularly in the United States and China, be reshuffling the decks? In a world where large Chinese and American companies are asserting and professing national ownership to better serve the converging interests of their shareholders and their country of origin, is this vision of a stateless company still relevant?

Furthermore, for a company, what does it mean to have a nationality today? Can Europe provide adequate conditions for its existence?

Finally, at a time when companies are growing increasingly aware of their social and societal responsibility, should not the profession of a national affiliation be a prerequisite for the affirmation of their “raison d’être”?


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