villa medicis



The Comité Médicis, which became a legal entity with specific resources in January 2019, has a history linked to the emergence of socially responsible investment in France.

It has supported Amundi in its responsible investment policy since its creation in 2010. At the time, it comprised a group of some thirty prominent figures, notably players from the economic and financial arena, researchers and intellectuals.

In its original form, the Comité Médicis was launched in 2002 by IDEAM, one of the first French asset management companies dedicated to socially responsible investment. A partnership was established at the time with the Villa Medici, which continues today.


The Steering Committee is a body responsible for analysing and monitoring the medium and long-term outlook for Responsible Investment. Its main responsibilities are to provide the guidelines for the Comité Médicis and to validate the relevance and organisation of the Work Programmes. The Comité Médicis Steering Committee brings together women and men from the business, economic and academic arenas.