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RESPONSIBLE CAPITALISM : An Opportunity For Europe

Read the report “Responsible Capitalism: An Opportunity for Europe” recently published by the Institut Montaigne and the Comité Médicis. Written under the direction of Jean-Dominique Senard, Chairman of the Renault Group and Vice-Chairman of the Institut Montaigne, and Yves Perrier, CEO of Amundi and Chairman of the Comité Médicis, this report calls on Europe to become the continent of responsible capitalism. Responsible capitalism must ensure the prosperity of our continent and the independence of European nations and companies.

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Comité Médicis is a think tank dedicated to the principles, techniques and impacts of responsible investment.

It studies the major challenges of social responsibility raised by the economic, technological and political transformations that companies are facing, globally and locally, and seeks the most appropriate ways to address them.

It relies on a network of academics, intellectuals, business leaders and personalities from various sectors of civil society.

It communicates on its works through notes, reports, meetings and debates.

Comité Médicis is a non-profit association supported by Amundi, Europe’s leading asset manager.